Connecticut Food Bank Board of Directors

Wesley Higgins, Chair
DiMaio Ahmad Capital

Jenny Chou, Vice Chair
Wiggin and Dana LLP

Peter Schwartzman, Treasurer

Alan Feldman, Secretary
Orthopedic Sports Medicine Center

Max Barry

Pastor Mary C. Green
Park City Initiative Corp.

Heather Smith-Jaser
Dworken, Hillman, LaMorte & Sterczala, P.C.

Jennifer King
Masonicare Charity Foundation of Connecticut

Norman W. LaCroix
Decision Analytics Group

Arlene Putterman
Stop & Shop

Matthew Schiffman
Global Financial Services Executive

Kristen Cooksey Stowers, Ph.D.
Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at the University of Connecticut

David Vipond
Morrison Senior Living 

Pastor Alfred D. Watts
Cornerstone Christian Center

Bernie Beaudreau

Honorary Board

William Dyson
Former State Representative


Connecticut Food Bank Staff

For general inquiries to the Connecticut Food Bank, call (203) 469-5000 or email us. To contact a Connecticut Food Bank employee, click on the name of the person you wish to e-mail.

Executive Team

Bernard J. Beaudreau, Chief Executive Officer

Paul O’Leary, Chief Operating Officer, Ext. 306

Beth Stokes, Chief Financial Officer, Ext. 320

Mary Kate Carofano, Chief Development Officer, Ext. 303


Mike Angus, Warehouse Assistant, Ext. 330

Rosemary Baez, Network and Distribution Coordinator, Ext. 333

Peter Bellacicco, Driver/Warehouse Assistant

Kristin Belmonte, Network and Distribution Assistant, Ext. 345

Willie Belton, Warehouse Assistant

Jaymie Betancourt, Warehouse Assistant

Richard Bowers, Reclamation Assistant

Derek Cable, Director of Supply Chain Management, Ext. 343

Beverly Catchpole, Director of Fund Development Operations, Ext. 335

Michael Davidow, Corporate Development Manager, Ext. 327

Rafael Davis, Fairfield Warehouse Assistant

Stephanie Decker, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Ext. 317

Jason Delieto, Warehouse Assistant, Ext. 310

David DeMaio, Distribution Manager, Ext. 314

Lenny Eaton, Warehouse Assistant

Rhafton Fearing, Warehouse Restocker

Diane Flowers, Executive Assistant, Ext.301

Mia Freedenfeld, Special Events Manager, Ext. 386

David Gassira, Driver/Warehouse Assistant

Frederick Goodman, Programs Manager, Ext. 331

Sherry Grant, Member Services Coordinator, Ext. 313

Rebecca Hasko, Grants Coordinator, Ext. 329

Doug Heberger, Transportation Manager, Ext. 318

Josh Hebert, Administrative Assistant, Ext. 321

Cristhian Herrera, Reclamation Coordinator, Ext. 316

Luis Huertas, Driver/Warehouse Assistant

Linda Hutchings, Procurement Coordinator, Ext. 326

Mieshie Jenkins, Human Resource Director, Ext. 337

Craig Keller, Operations Director, Ext. 315

Janice Lewis, Human Resources and Finance Assistant, Ext. 349

Amy Lloyd, Information Systems & Analytics Manager, Ext. 355

James Lockhart, Fairfield Warehouse Assistant

Jeanette Lugo, Driver/Warehouse Assistant

Ken Mailhot, Warehouse Assistant

Linda Manville, Inventory Control Coordinator, Ext. 334

Everette Medley, Warehouse Assistant

Jessie Mongillo, Accounting Coordinator, Ext. 308

Sue Moore, Development Assistant, Ext. 307

Michael Patterson, Driver/Warehouse Assistant

Jennifer Petagine, Procurement Coordinator – Retail, Ext. 336

James Porrazzo, Driver/Warehouse Assistant

Deborah Ramada, Database and Donor Services Coordinator, Ext. 325

Brian Regan, Senior Coordinator, Receiving and Storage, Ext. 342

Jose Luis Reyes, Truck Driver/Warehouse Assistant

John Rosadini, Driver/Warehouse Assistant

Carolyn Russell, Procurement Director, Ext. 312

Amalio Santiago, Warehouse Assistant

Christopher Savage, Warehouse Assistant

Daniel Serra, Procurement Coordinator – Buyer, Ext. 385

Paul Shipman, Director of Marketing, Communication, and Government Relations, Ext. 309

Rodney Smith, Driver/Warehouse Assistant

James Stuhlman, Fairfield Warehouse Manager, Ext. 381

Cheryl Thompson, Philanthropy Officer, Ext. 346

Huwerl Thornton, Youth Programs Coordinator, Ext. 324

Sharon Turlis, Procurement Assistant, Ext. 332

Sylvia Velky, Fairfield Distribution Coordinator, Ext. 382

Thomas Wade, Driver/Warehouse Assistant

Charles Williams, Warehouse Assistant

Delores Wisdom, Volunteer Coordinator, Ext. 311