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14/Nov/19 / 13:26 / Paul Shipman

Rising Costs Require Changes to Membership Fees Connecticut Food Bank is non-profit, doing the very best we can with our limited resources just like you are.   After hearing from many agencies that you would like us to procure more food at cost for you to distribute to your agencies and having studied operations at […]

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14/Nov/19 / 13:21 / Paul Shipman

The Ugly Fruit Movement and the Produce Economy: What They Mean to the Charitable Food Network   The Ugly Fruit Movement is here to stay as people become more concerned about food waste and its impact on the environment. That means we are seeing decreased amounts of fresh produce that would have otherwise reached our […]

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14/Nov/19 / 13:08 / Paul Shipman

Member Agencies are the Heart of Our Work   Our Mobile Pantry and Pop-Up Pantry programs have been getting lots of attention. They are great ways to fill gaps in our network, but they are not intended to replace community agencies with roots and relationships that build trust. These programs are ways to distribute foods […]

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