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Together We Can Solve Hunger in Connecticut

Hunger In Connecticut

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1 in 8 People

Struggles With Hunger

1 in 6 Children

Struggles With Hunger

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The Desperation of Hunger

When need is stronger than the impulse for comfort or safety...

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Standing Up for the Federal Nutrition Safety Net

The new administration in Washington will soon begin debate on a budget, with important implications for the federal nutrition safety net, driven by generational changes in legislation and viewpoints on federal spending cuts.

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Hunger Goes to College

College students in Connecticut and across the nation are coping with more than managing studies and exams; they are often struggling with hunger and other destabilizing challenges. We're joining the conversation on ways to help.

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Putting a Face on Food Insecurity

"I am writing to whoever reads this in order to put a face to a person who struggles with food insecurity," writes our guest blogger, Tina, who shares her experience as a working person who struggles to make ends meet. Read her story.

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