We are launching Nourishing Our Neighbors: the Connecticut Foodshare 2022-2025 Community Impact Plan.

Connecticut Foodshare has developed a Community Impact Plan to guide our direction over the next three years. This plan will bring us closer to a future where everyone in Connecticut has access to the food they need, with bold initiatives like providing more nutritious and culturally preferred foods; transforming the experience of accessing food assistance to be more dignified, supportive, and convenient; increasing our focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; and more.

This exciting and important work will not be possible without you, our network partners. Because of our vital partnership, Connecticut Foodshare is creating a Partner Program Task Force of up to 15 partner program representatives to help inform the implementation of the Connecticut Foodshare 2022-2025 Community Impact Plan. The Task Force will provide insight to Connecticut Foodshare regarding major initiatives and decisions that directly affect partner programs. A full overview of this Task Force is attached.

We are looking for diverse participation from a variety of food assistance programs located throughout the state. The Task Force will meet once per quarter for the duration of the Community Impact Plan, from January 2023, through December 2025. Task Force members will begin with a one-year commitment with the opportunity to renew in subsequent years. Task Force member organizations will each be awarded $500 annually to recognize their representative’s time and expertise.

 If you are interested in being considered, please apply here by October 31, 2022. Decisions will be communicated by December 2, 2022, and the first Task Force meeting will take place in January 2023, at Connecticut Foodshare in Wallingford.

We hope you consider joining us in this work. For questions about the Task Force, contact Miranda Muro, Senior Director of Network Relations, at mmuro@ctfoodshare.org or 860-856-4345.

An overview of the Task Force is below.

Connecticut Foodshare
2022-2025 Partner Program Task Force


The Partner Program Task Force (Task Force) consists of representatives from food assistance programs in the Connecticut Foodshare network. The purpose of the Task Force is to provide insight regarding major initiatives and decisions affecting partner programs as Connecticut Foodshare implements its 2022-2025 Community Impact Plan. This task force will provide input and make recommendations but does not have final authority. This includes, but is not limited to, informing approaches Connecticut Foodshare will take to:

  • Increase food access and reduce barriers to food assistance
  • Provide resources, convenings and technical support to build partner program capacity
  • Collect information from the partner program network and people served
  • Evaluate and revise the current agency partnership model
  • Actively focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Include the perspectives of those with lived experience with food insecurity


The Task Force will exist for the duration of Connecticut Foodshare’s 2022-2025 Community Impact Plan. The Task Force will launch in January 2023 and end in December 2025. Task Force members will begin with a one-year commitment with the opportunity to renew in subsequent years.


  • The Task Force will include up to 15 representatives from Connecticut Foodshare partner programs, with an emphasis on food pantries and soup kitchens.
  • Members will be selected with a goal of reflecting the diversity of the Connecticut Foodshare partner network, including but not limited to geography, program type and size, and population served.
  • Members will be individuals with decision-making authority for their food assistance program, such as program directors or coordinators.
  • Members will be selected by Connecticut Foodshare staff based on a brief application process.
  • If a member resigns from the group, Connecticut Foodshare will re-open the application process to the partner program network to fill the vacancy.

Member Responsibilities:

  • Attend and participate in quarterly Task Force meetings run by Connecticut Foodshare staff.
  • Respond to periodic requests from Connecticut Foodshare for feedback in between quarterly meetings.


  • The Task Force will meet for once per quarter from January 2023 to December 2025, with Connecticut Foodshare staff. Meetings will be scheduled for 90 minutes.
  • Of the four meetings each year, one will take place in person at Connecticut Foodshare and three will take place virtually.
  • Dates will be determined before the start of each year with Task Force members.


  • Connecticut Foodshare will award the organization of each active Task Force member $500 annually at the end of each year for the duration of the Task Force.
  • To maintain active membership in the Task Force, members will:
    • Attend and participate in at least 3 of 4 scheduled Task Force meetings each year.
    • Continue to work or volunteer for a food assistance program that is in good standing with Connecticut Foodshare.