Connecticut Food Bank Employee Highlight: Mia Freedenfeld | Connecticut Food Bank

Connecticut Food Bank Employee Highlight: Mia Freedenfeld

12/Sep/17 / 11:14

There are many people at the Connecticut Food Bank who help to source, package and transport the food that reaches you and the people you serve. In this ongoing feature, we will help you get to know some of the team. This month, we’re chatting with Special Events Manager Mia Freedenfeld. Mia plays a vital role in all our special events and has been essential in making Hunger Action Month a success.


What do you do at the Connecticut Food Bank? How does your position fit into the Food Bank system?

As the Special Events Manager, I am the point of contact for corporate food drives and third-party events and I manage our signature events promoting our fundraising and community engagement. I am organizating this year’s Hunger Action Month and Thanksgiving for All campaigns.


What is your favorite part about your job?

Sharing my passion for our mission with members of the community and getting people engaged in the work we do. At events, all the hard work, time and imagination comes to life as a visual representation of your work. Events allow me to share my passion for the mission with hundreds at once.

Hunger Action Month is a great opportunity to get community members talking about hunger: why, where, who and how they can help. The more people are talking about the issue, the more motivated people are to take action. With action we can address the immediate need and find a long term solution.


What is the biggest (logistical) challenge you face in your position?

Competing for visibility and interest with many other organizations also hosting fundraising and awareness raising events. There are so many great organizations, missions and causes to be involved with and people are pulled in many directions. Hunger is a basic human need. We hope people are inspired to join our fight.


What would you want people to know about your position?

It takes the hard work and dedication of a team of people to make events happen. Our dedicated staff, passionate volunteers and support from the community is what makes this work possible.


Why is food insecurity important to you?

It is a basic human need that touches every single one of us. No one can run on empty and nor should they have to. We all live in this world together and if I can work to make others’ lives better, my life mission is achieved.


What is your favorite recipe to make and/or eat?

Chicken Parmigiana over pasta. I grew up making it with my dad.