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Food Safety Corner Spring 2017

13/Apr/17 / 13:17 / Paul Shipman

There is a lot of buzz (and confusion) around the differences between expiration, sell-by and use-by dates. Did you know that most foods are still good after their printed expiration dates?   Check out our Code Date Definitions sheet to clarify these terms. Feel free to print it out to share with your clients! Another […]

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Recognizing Volunteer Support

17/Oct/16 / 16:31 / Paul Shipman

Last year, volunteers gave 28,170 hours of service to the Connecticut Food Bank which according to Independent Sector, a leadership network for nonprofits, is equivalent to $782,000 in hours worked. Yet, the daily value of each of our volunteers is priceless! Volunteers are advocates and advisers, helping us to fulfill our mission and spread the word […]

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