Food pantries served by the Connecticut Food Bank need fresh, nutritious produce. Our Plant a Row for the Hungry program encourages home and community gardeners and farmers to plant an extra row of produce specifically to donate to local hunger relief efforts. The Connecticut Food Bank also works with local farmers’ markets, farms, and orchards to collect unsold, wholesome produce for distribution to local food-assistance programs.

Plant a Row for the Hungry began more than a decade ago when a former Garden Writers Association of America president wrote a column to encourage local gardeners to add an extra row of vegetables to benefit a local hunger-relief program. Plant a Row for the Hungry has been offered in Connecticut since 2006.

The success of Plant a Row hinges on community involvement. Home gardeners, farmers, schools, places of worship, youth and community organizations, and area businesses can help make a difference for their neighbors in need by adding a row of seedbeds or donating their surplus to the Connecticut Food Bank and local food pantries.

Farms and orchards can also plant an extra row to benefit the nearly 490,000 Connecticut residents at risk of hunger.

Some examples of produce received through the Plant a Row for the Hungry program:

Beets Eggplant Spinach
Broccoli Garlic Summer Squash
Cabbage Green Beans Sweet Peppers
Carrots Kale Tomatoes
Cauliflower Peas Winter Squash
Cucumbers Radishes Zucchini

Where to Donate

Fresh produce can be delivered to the Connecticut Food Bank distribution centers in Wallingford or Fairfield, but please be sure to call us first at (203) 469-5000. Click here for directions to our distribution centers and hours of operation.

Your donation may be tax-deductible. Please contact a tax professional for details.

You may also visit Ample Harvest for the nearest food pantry that can accept your donation.

Please let the Connecticut Food Bank know if you donate directly to a program so we can keep an account of all Plant a Row donations.

If you have questions about larger donations, contact a member of our Procurement team at (203) 469-5000 or email them at