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SNAP/Food Stamps vs. Nutrition, Part 2

Remember the Oct. 13 blog entry, titled SNAP/Food Stamps vs. Nutrition, that was posted on this site?

That blog entry talked briefly about the current debate of limiting recipients of food stamps (now called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP) from using their federal benefits to buy soda and other sugary drinks.

FeedingAmericaYou should check out The Huffington Post to find out what Feeding America thinks about the issue. Feeding America is the national network of food banks that includes Connecticut Food Bank.

In an Oct. 22 posting on the website, Feeding America President and CEO Vicki Escarra shared her perspective on the issue of SNAP/Food Stamps vs. Nutrition.

“This argument against SNAP recipients using their benefits to purchase snack and other unhealthy foods is one I find disappointing. Food insecurity and participation in federal food assistance programs does not make a person ignorant about good nutrition and healthy food choices,” Escarra said.

“While Feeding America focuses on distributing more fresh fruits and vegetables, we often hear from parents who rely on food pantries that their children really appreciate that their monthly food box contains the occasional offering of sweets or chips—not because they gobble up snack foods every chance they get, but because once in a while, it’s nice for them get to have a special treat, like all of the other children whose parents can afford to buy those things,” Escarra said.

Click here to view Escarra’s full perspective.

Posted by Gladys Alcedo, Communications Coordinator of Connecticut Food Bank

This article was posted in Hunger-relief Partners, Nutrition, SNAP/Food Stamps.

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