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Nancy Carrington’s comments at Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro’s news conference today on food security

Nancy Carrington Addresses News Conference on Food SecurityConnecticut Food Bank is the largest source of emergency food in Connecticut, serving a network of 600 member programs.  We are a partnership to end hunger. 

We also partner with the food industry, with corporate and foundation donors, with small businesses, civic and faith based organizations, and with thousands of compassionate people who care about their neighbors.  And we partner with the government.  We can’t and don’t fight hunger alone.

Our network of soup kitchens and food pantries has seen an average thirty percent increase in demand for their services for the last two and a half years – with some local programs reporting an increase of 100% or more.   Many are seeing people who are seeking help for the first time. 

Financially challenged households are struggling as the cost of food, gas and utilities continue to rise.  They can’t do it anymore by themselves.    

Food insecurity exists in every community in Connecticut.  In fact, over 50% of our distribution goes to suburbs and small towns, places that people often don’t associate with the problem of hunger.

In Congresswoman DeLauro’s district, there are now more than ninety thousand people who are struggling to keep food on the table. And there are more than four hundred thousand people in Connecticut who are struggling to keep food on their table.

Connecticut Food Bank now distributes 33 tons of grocery products every business day – that is the equivalent of 55 thousand meals a day.  And yet, we still haven’t ended hunger.  If significant cuts are made to SNAP and other federal food assistance programs, we won’t be able to food bank our way out of the resulting crisis. 

So thank you again to Congresswoman DeLauro for confronting this challenge today, and every day.  The food bank – and all the people who come to our member programs for help – thank you for your commitment to fight hunger.



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