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Hunger Action Month Benefits for Agencies

September is Hunger Action Month supported by Citizens Bank Foundation.

Member programs are encouraged to partipate in Hunger Action Month this September.

As a member program of Connecticut Food Bank you have the choice of activities to participate in, and ones that would be most beneficial to your organization.

Member programs that wear orange on national Wear Orange Day, September 4th and send us a photo will receive a $25 credit to their account and will be entered into a drawing for a larger prize.
Member programs will be entered into a drawing with the opportunity to win (3) $300 credit to their account for every Hunger Action Month activity completed. The more activities completed by a program, the more chances they have to win.
Connecticut Food Bank will create a Virtual Food Drive for programs that want to raise funds online. The programs who choose to participate in a Virtual Food Drive will receive 90% of funds raised through their program’s Virtual Food Drive. (The other 10% will go to Connecticut Food Bank to cover set up cost and online/credit card fees.)
October 1, 2014 will be the last day member programs have to submit proof of participation photos to Connecticut Food Bank.

Please complete and return an agency agreement by Augsut 25.

Looking for ideas on how to participate? Download our Hunger Action Month guide here.

Here is a list of Hunger Facts for posting online or at your office. Remember you get points for each fact you post.

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