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Hunger 101: Experience what it’s like to struggle with poverty and hunger

Hunger 101Food insecurity. Food hardship. Low food security. These terms are supposed to describe what hunger means. But sadly they simply sanitize the real experience, failing to capture the real and daily struggle and stress of hunger.

Our new interactive, group learning experience, called Hunger 101, gives people a taste of what food insecurity—or hunger—really is. We will offer our first public Hunger 101 session from 9:30 to 11 a.m. Sept. 11 at our main warehouse, 150 Bradley Street, East Haven.

The program gives you an opportunity to walk in someone else’s shoes and see firsthand what it’s like to struggle with poverty and food insecurity in Connecticut.

“This is a very important, eye-opening look at the experience that real people have who have to face food insecurity and all that goes with it every day of their lives,” Kathy Moran said in a Facebook posting. Kathy, who went through a Hunger 101 training, is one of our longtime dedicated volunteers and supporters with about 15 years of service.

“It’s about the food, yes, but it’s also about so much more,” Kathy added. “Give Connecticut Food Bank a call and invite them to present it at your office, club, or organization.”

In Connecticut, one in seven households struggled with hunger in 2009, according to the Food Research and Action Center. So that means six out of seven households didn’t.

For a few minutes, Hunger 101 simulates that experience for those of us who don’t struggle, as you learn to feed a family for a day with no or limited resources.

One of our goals at Connecticut Food Bank is to promote public awareness about the problem of hunger. That effort has to go beyond statistics and food and fund drives. We hope Hunger 101 gives you a glimpse of what hunger really is.

Call us at (203) 469-5000 or e-mail to register for the Hunger 101 experience on Sept. 11 at our East Haven warehouse. If you’re interested in scheduling a Hunger 101 experience for your organization, company or classroom, call or e-mail us.

Posted by Janet Kniffin, Chief Development Officer of Connecticut Food Bank

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