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Category Archives: Gleaning

Why Lockwood Farm at CT Agricultural Experiment Station is our Farm Hero

  Each growing season Lockwood Farm, located at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station in Hamden, donates its entire harvest to Connecticut Food Bank. Donating everything from acorn squash to zucchini, more than 102,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables have made it to the dinner plates of low-income Connecticut families over the last 10 years. It is through generous donors like Lockwood Farm that Connecticut Food Bank is able to increase the distribution of fresh produce which is often too expensive and is most lacking from the diets of people who struggle with hunger. We are grateful for our partnership with Lockwood Farm and value the dedication and generosity of its Farm Manager, Rich Cecerelli.

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An Apple a Day …

Spending the day picking apples is a traditional autumn activity in New England. The fresh autumn air, the beautiful scenery, and of course there’s nothing like biting into a freshly picked, crisp and juicy apple with the perfect mix of sweet and tart. But for thousands of people struggling with hunger in Connecticut, fresh apples are not always on the menu. One way that Connecticut Food Bank is able to provide fresh apples, and other produce, to people struggling with hunger throughout our six county service area is through gleaning projects. Now you may be wondering “what is gleaning?” Simply put, gleaning is the act of harvesting fresh produce after the farmers have harvested all that they are able to sell. Local growers sometimes find that there is still produce in their fields after they have sold all that they can. As a result they don’t always harvest their entire...
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