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An act of kindness is paid forward

At the holidays, we hear about many wonderful stories of giving back.  We were so moved by one today that we wanted to share it.

We received a call from a woman named Susan who recently asked her son to run many errands. One of his stops was to pick up a gingerbread house that she ordered.  When he went to pay for it, he realized he no longer had the check.  He must have dropped it along the way.

A few days later, Susan was surprised to find her check was returned to her in the mail.  In the envelope was a note from a woman named Kim who found it in a parking lot in Norwalk.  Kim wrote that she was from Newtown and wanted to return the check before it fell into the wrong hands. Next to her signature was a reference to performing 26 acts of kindness.

Susan felt compelled to thank Kim in a way that would have great impact on the life of a child.  She asked Connecticut Food Bank if she could make a donation to the Kids’ BackPack Program in Kim’s name.  The BackPack program provides food-insecure children with healthy food items on weekends when they don’t have access to school meals.

Susan’s intent was to sponsor one child so they could receive food on weekends for an entire school year.  But by the end of our conversation, she decided to sponsor three hungry children for the school year because she is the mother of three sons.   She told us the donation is her second act of kindness on a list of 26.

We thank Susan and Kim, and as we approach the one-year anniversary of the horror of Sandy Hook, and encourage everyone to also perform 26 acts of kindness.

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