Summer Hunger Facts for Agencies

Many of our member agencies are contacted by the news media, public officials and the general public about the status of their food supply during the summer months.

Below are some facts about summer hunger that can help you communicate about the great need in the summer:

  • Contrary to what many people may think, the highest demand for food is in the summer.
  • A family with two children must provide more than 200 extra meals during summer vacation when their children do not have access to school meals—and that’s an extremely difficult situation to face for most low-income families.
  • Nearly half of the low-income households in Connecticut do not qualify for federal assistance because their earnings are too high for the income requirements. They turn to food pantries and soup kitchens for help.
  • In Connecticut, 472,540 people, including 140,290 children, don’t always know where their next meal is coming from.  (For information about your county, click here.)
  • Many people think about hunger around the holidays, but hunger is a year-round problem. For this reason, food donations tend to be lower in the summer months. 
  • What are ways people can help? Make a financial donation to the Connecticut Food Bank. Donate food items to your local pantry or soup kitchen; host a food drive; volunteer

Questions? Call us at (203) 469-5000

If the media asks questions about the status of the Connecticut Food Bank’s food supply, please refer them to us at (203) 469-5000. Please do not speak about our food supply, as you will not have the latest facts and we do not want to communicate information that is not correct.

If you wish to refer a family to a summer feeding program, please visit and search for a location near you.